Program offers opportunity for socially vulnerable students to enroll in private undergraduate schools.


We contribute towards high-level university education by offering grants and scholarships to students from all over Brazil who are unable to afford their studies, but have high potential and performance levels.

Grants may cover full monthly tuition, books and other teaching material and room and board and transportation for students who do not live in São Paulo, and who will enroll in the undergraduate courses in Business Administration or Public Administration at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).

In order to apply for the grants, candidates must have been approved by FGV’s college-entrance exam (vestibular) or the National High School Exam (ENEM), for one of the aforementioned programs. Candidates are then interviewed by our team, and must meet certain requirements to receive the grant.

Every year, we also support thirty students in the prep course to take the FGV college-entrance exam.

Impact (Numbers in 2017)

  • 35 students with FGV scholarships;
  • 30 students enrolled in the FGV prep course.


Julia sorri de leve. Ela usa óculos e tem cabelos curtos.

"Teen mothers from low-income communities seldom have the change of pursuing higher education – myself included. I want to change my reality and the reality of my community thanks to this opportunity."

Julia Miranda Macedo FGV student sponsored by Prosperar