Parceria Contra o Desperdício

Since 1995, we have organized the Parceria contra o Desperdício, our no waste program, to decrease waste at the GPA stores.


25 years ago, in 1995, we created the Partnership Against Waste program, an important initiative to promote access to food while reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal. With the program, fruits and vegetables that would be sold in our stores, suitable for consumption, but which are not aesthetically attractive, are donated to food banks and social institutions that distribute them to other organizations or families.

Since 2018, we have partnered with the social impact startup Connecting Food, which manages and monitors the program, being a bridge between our stores and social organizations. The acting ranges from the selection and training of partner social organizations and technical visits to stores, to the effective measurement of Program data, gaining precision in verifying the volume donated, managing monthly frequency, quality control of donations, monitoring of destination of food to the beneficiaries and generation of indicators related to economic and social results. Learn more about Connecting Food through the link:

Beneficiary Organizations

Currently, through the Partnership Against Waste, more than 300 organizations benefit from food donations. To know the name of the partner organizations, click here.

Impact (Numbers of 2022 jan-jun)

    • 1.185 mil thousand tons of food were donated; 
    • StoresPão de Açúcar, Pão de Açúcar Fresh, Mercado Extra and Compre Bem

Equivalent to 11.7 million supplemented meals, based on data from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), which considers 400 grams as the daily amount of fruit and vegetable consumption.


"This is the first Brazilian retail food donation initiative to have been systematically organized and have established targets. This enables the Program to make a tangible, measurable social impact reaching 100% of the chain’s stores. We at Connecting Food are grateful to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative, offering the technology and processes necessary to maintain an uninterrupted flow of food donations every single day."

Alcione Silva Founder and & CEO of Connecting Food, a partner of GPA Institute in the Program Partnership Against Waste