Professional technical training in bread, baking and dairies for high school students.

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The Núcleo Avançado em Tecnologia de Alimentos (NATA) program offers Bakery & Pastry and Milk & Dairy courses as part of the high school curriculum. The idea is to prepare specialized technicians to work for manufacturers, retail chains and in quality control.

Established in 2009, NATA is based at the Comendador Valentim dos Santos Diniz State School, in São Gonçalo, state of Rio de Janeiro, as a partnership of Instituto GPA and the State Departments of Education and Agriculture.

NATA develops and encourages hands-on activities at the pilot plants, monitoring programs, in-house and external internship programs, Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (REU or Iniciação Científica – IC) papers and student attendance and participation at industry fairs, congresses and summits, in addition to the mandatory 120-hour internship program.

Candidates are approved for the program based on the Easy Registration System of the State Department of Education (Sistema de Matrícula Fácil da SEEDUC).

Panis Et Lactis

Panis et Lactis is a NATA-organized technical-scientific meet for researchers, public and private company professionals and students in the bread, baking and pastry industry. The idea is to foster and further discussions and progress in the field, as well as to promote the integration of students, the academic community and industry players.

The schedule includes talks and lectures given by professionals of different backgrounds, short theoretical and practical courses, student project presentation and supplier roadshow.

Further information is available at Panis et Lactis.


  • 1,500+ youths annually apply for the project;
  • Nowadays, 65%+ join the job market or become entrepreneurs and open their own business, or go to college;
  • Average of 100 to 120 students trained per year (half in the bread and baking course and half in the dairy course);
  • 40%+ of former participants employed as bakers, confectioners, food technology instructors, heads of production, etc.

Near zero school dropout.

Numbers in 2017

  • 346 students in the courses;
  • 99 graduates.


Marilena usa um lenço amarelo no cabelo e sorri para a foto

"Faz toda a diferença o aluno que sai da escola pronto para ingressar no mercado de trabalho, sem grandes dificuldades. Ele é capaz de entender técnicas, processos e etapas e tem domínio sobre os equipamentos. Sempre há o que aprender, mas os alunos têm uma ótima base da área. A teoria e a prática andam juntas sempre."

Marilena Marta Ferreira da Silva ex-aluna do NATA e padeira