Music And Orchestra Program

Classes on musical instruments offered to children and youth aged 10 to 18 years, free of charge, without any background or experience in music, in São Paulo and Santos.MUSIC AND ORCHESTRA PROGRAM


Established in 1999, the purpose of the Program is to “encourage purpose and stimulate talents”, and is divided in to two fronts: Music Course and the Instituto GPA Orchestra.

The program has received public funding via the Culture Incentive Law (Ac 8,313/1991) since 2013, which allows companies and individuals to donate parte of their income tax to the project.

Music course

The Music Course offers music lessons to students, free of charge, without any background or experience in music, using the Jaffé Strings Method.

Jaffé Strings Method

Method used to teach children and youth aged 10 to 18 years how to play the violin, viola, double bass and cello in the orchestra format, since the fist class. No prior knowledge and individual study is required. Practice is always conducted in group, in order to foster values such as respect, teamwork, discipline, concentration and logical reasoning.

The Music Program welcomed 262 new members in 2017 (180 in Osasco and 82 in Santos).

Impact (Numbers in 2017)

  • 119 former students;
  • 479 people helped.

Instituto GPA Orchestra

The best students of the Music Course are invited to join the Instituto GPA Orchestra, which offers several public performances, free of charge. Students are part of the Orchestra until they turn 21, further learning and specializing their technique with maestro Daniel Misiuk and teacher and art director Renata Jaffé.

The Instituto GPA Orchestra has performed over one thousand times in Brazil and abroad, in Argentina, Italy, France and in the US, among others, to over 477k people.

The orchestra has already helped foster musical vocation of over 15k young talents aged 10 and 21 years.

New audiences

Aside from performing at theaters and festivals, the Instituto GPA Orchestra also performs at public elementary and/or high schools. The events are educational in nature and include explanations on how the orchestra is organized, on the instruments themselves and the differences between classical and popular music. The purpose is to bring children, youth and their teachers closer to the realm of classical and instrumental music, and promote access to orchestras.

Impact (Numbers in 2017)

  • 51k viewers ;
  • 65 performances of the Instituto GPA Orchestra.


Thainá toca violino concentrada, olhando para a frente

"I had no idea how to hold an instrument on my first day at the Music Course; less than two years later, I play pieces many people struggle to play. It is such an amazing pleasure!"

Thainá Teixeira 11 years old, joined the Music Program in 2015