Mãos na massa

Basic Professional Training for people living near Extra stores, in retail-related skills (Bread, Baking and Pastry).


The Program, created in 2018, through the Instituto GPA, offers basic and practical learning courses to people in socially vulnerable situations around the stores, so that they can experience the universe of bakery and confectionery, seeking to encourage the discovery of a vocation and the opportunity to start a career.

The courses, which have 40 hours of training, are held at partner institutions, and also promote an in-store experience with our employees, enabling the approach and integration of participants and communities with the stores. of the Pão de Açúcar


  • Stimulate interest in professional training based on experience in training;
  • Promote the integration of participants, family members and the community with GPA stores.

Impact (Números em 2022)

  • 3 classes carried out in partnership with Mãos de Maria Brasil
  • 45 people from the Paraisópolis region impacted
  • 120 hours activity class


"We are very happy with this partnership of, together with the Instituto GPA, being able to fulfill our mission, which is to promote financial autonomy through professional "

JULIANA DA COSTA partner and founder of Mãos de Maria Brasil