Mãos na massa

Basic Professional Training for people living near Extra stores, in retail-related skills (Bread, Baking and Pastry).

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We believe that the opportunity to learn may help bring forth professional purpose and provide for the development of a new career!

The purpose of Project Mãos na Massa is to provide basic technical training in bread, baking & pastry by means of courses offered to youth and adults aged 18 to 25 years. The program takes into consideration individual development to facilitate students’ access to the job market.

Specific Targets

  • To foster interest in professional training, based on the program experiences;
  • To promote the integration of the students, their family members and local community with the Extra stores.


Nine students received training in basic pastry (40 hours) at Extra Anhanguera, in São Paulo, state of São Paulo, in partnership with Richs, Grupo Pão de Açúcar supplier, including store experiences.

31 students graduated in two bread, baking & pastry programs (40 hours) at Liga Solidária, partner of Instituto GPA in this training program, including store experience at Extra Raposo Tavares, in São Paulo, state of São Paulo.