Colabora GPA

We seek to encourage the protagonist role of our employees in their communities.


We believe in the power of engagement and in strength of achievements, which is why we encourage agency among our people, so that they become actively involved in their communities. This is precisely the mission of “Colabora!”, our volunteer program.

The program includes an app that allows our people to register social institutions they would like to work with, as well as organize their own actions and/or get involved in someone else’s activities. The app also provides for the interaction between people working for the different chains in our group.

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Colabora Manifesto

Do you know what does COLABORA stand for?

First of all, put your imagination cap on.
Imagine a world in which opportunities are available for everyone.

Homem sorrindo, mexendo na terra

Now imagine an organized movement that makes good deeds happen, helps others, promotes general good and makes each second matter for so many people.
Imagine a place where we can make a difference and promote equality. Where we can offer our affection, our time and our dedication to the causes we believe in.

This is not a dream – it has already come true.

We have a cause for you at COLABORA, but you can also bring your cause to COLABORA. Because we believe in the power of engagement and in the strength of achievement.

Let’s do good things together!