Colabora GPA

We seek to encourage the protagonist role of our employees in their communities.


We believe in the power of engagement and in strength of achievements, which is why we encourage agency among our people, so that they become actively involved in their communities.

This is precisely the mission of “Colabora!”, our volunteer program.We seek to encourage the leading role of our employees by carrying out transformative actions. Collaborate is GPA’s volunteer program, and has a platform that acts as a bridge for our employees to find voluntary actions and connect with the demands of social organizations operating throughout Brazil



"I am grateful for the opportunity they gave me to carry out this work, when they presented the platform to me. I've always tried to do volunteer work, but the platform opened up ideas and possibilities for help that I didn't have before. The organization of the platform, the possibility of online and face-to-face work, in addition to contact with various causes of aid, everything is excellent and allows us to help a lot and without compromising our hours of the day."

Felipe Pellegrini Thirion Quality Analyst Exclusive Brands

"I watched the Collaborate live and was motivated to enter the platform to seek a volunteer action that made sense to me. While browsing, I found the NGO Visão do Bem, which works with the restoration of used glasses for vulnerable communities. At the same time, he sent me the glasses frames he had for my daughter who is now 27 years old, and who has been wearing glasses since she was 7 years old. Sometimes being a volunteer says a lot more about your emotional ability to get involved in the needs of the other! May we have this awakening"

Rosana Vilarinho Project Assistant in NATA