Movimento Arredondar

Initiative whose purpose is to encourage customers to round up the cents of their purchases, to donate the difference to social institutions.


The purpose of Movimento Arredondar is to encourage customers to round up the cents of their purchases.

Donations are always rounded up to the next real, and are transferred to Pão de Açúcar’s institutions focused on social investment and healthy and sustainable food.

Benefited Organizations

Since 2016, 2 million reais have been collected for 11 social organizations involved in food and education. Check out more:

  • Banco de Alimentos
  • CREN – Centro de Recuperação e Educação Nutricional
  • Escola Pernambucana de Circo
  • Instituto Melhores Dias
  • OCA – Escola Cultural
  • Associação Prato Cheio
  • Projeto Arrastão
  • Projeto Quixote
  • Projeto Uerê
  • Projeto Roda Viva
  • SERTA – Serviço de Tecnologia Alternativa

Impact (Numbers of 2022 jan-jun)

  • Stores: Mercado Extra, Compre Bem and Mini Extra
  • R$ 30.487 collected during the first half of 2022


"We want to change the donations culture and collectively build a more caring and sustainable future with equal opportunities for all. We are delighted to work alongside GPA Institute to inspire donations to social organizations that transform lives and realities from the top to bottom of the country. Rounding up and donating pennies generates benefits every single day."

Beatriz Bouskela Executive director of Arredondar