Agenda Solidária

Annual calendar or mobilization actions to foster solidarity in our community.


Instituto GPA organizes several year-round activities to raise the awareness of and engage customers, our people and suppliers, such as Páscoa Solidária (our Easter drive), Campanha do Agasalho (our clothes drive) and the Solidarity Day.

Páscoa Solidária

Our people and customers have the opportunity to donate chocolate and Easter eggs to partner institutions at our stores. The candy is given out to thousands of people assisted by such organizations. On the day of the drive, all stores welcome volunteers from the non-profits to help collect the donations.

The drive is organized at the Extra, Pão de Açúcar, Mini Extra and Minuto Pão de Açúcar stores, nationwide.

Numbers in 2017

  • 120k eggs and chocolate collected;
  • 150+ partner institutions;
  • 65k people helped.

Campanha do agasalho

Every year, from May to June, Pão de Açúcar, Extra and Assaí donate clothes (generally winter clothes, for the cold season in Brazil’s South and Southeast) as specific store areas, which the institutions collect and distribute to different projects.

Numbers in 2017

  • +43 tons of clothes donated;
  • 31k people helped .

Dia de solidariedade

Since 2013, the Solidarity Day has been the leading solidarity initiative organized at all GPA stores, in December. Both our people and our customers are encouraged to donate basic food basket items to social institutions nationwide.

Numbers in 2017

Over 3,200 tons of food has been collected since the beginning of the program, which has helped more than 1.5 million people in Brazil.

  • 120 partner institutions;
  • +600k people helped;
  • 10k volunteers;
  • 902.2 tons of food donated by customers,
    Instituto GPA and other partners.


Roberta sorri para a foto, segurando um saco de arroz

"Thanks to the donations, we managed to supply our institution practically for a whole year."

Roberta Motta Manager of elderly home Casa dos Velhinhos CEPIM Santa Terezinha, institution benefited by the Solidarity Day